3D Modeling and organicism in development and Evo-devo

ISHPSSB 2011 MEETING, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Session: Evo-devo, explanatory integration, and physical science Organizer: Alan Love Two issues are often neglected in the historical and philosophical analysis of developmental biology and Evo-devo: the role of visual representations in embryology, and the organicist approach to development and evolution. On the one hand, despite the […]

3D Modelling, organicism and mechanical explanation in contemporary developmental biology and evo-devo.

Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP). Third Biennial Conference University of Exeter, UK 22-24 June 2011 Despite the role of models in scientific practice is increasingly being recognized, modelling in developmental biology and evo-devo has just recently started to be explored (Laubichler & Müller 2007). In particular, few attention has been paid to three-dimensional […]